Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Soups On !!!

Soups on!

Lol, that's what I've been calling the Soupćon QAL with Karen over at

We've been working on a medallion with a hexagon centre. Here's mine at the moment .

It's been really fun and I love the pieced border.

I've also been working on my Heritage gardens quilt. I finally got all the leaves and Hexie flowers sewn down and am now working on the berry bunches.

It's really starting to turn out lovely, every little step takes so long though!

I joined in the fun at the to make the Benjamin Biggs BOM which is being offered by the ladies at

I have made my blocks smaller and went with a different colour scheme. I tried the red and green, but my stash is way too poor in these two colours to come up with anything that was pleasing. So I used what I have and I like it much better now.

POTC ( patchwork of the crosses) got the better of me and I whipped up a block In a day. 
Only 50 odd to go......   ;)

And that's it. 
Keep on Stitching,
Kel x


  1. I am in love with your creativity and stitching......keep the posts coming! I await them ...... :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and encouragement, I love feedback it keeps me going! I tried to email you back my reply but unfortunately you are a no reply blogger! Would love to see your blog too if you have one. ;0)

  2. Beautiful work - very inspiring! I love seeing someone with lots of projects on the go at once - just how I like to work too :)

  3. Lovely projects. I agree it's nice to have a few good projects underway. So much lovely appliqué.

  4. How beautiful, I just LOVE those bows with birds! This is a wonderful design, thank you for sharing

  5. What a great post. I love all of your projects and am amazed to discover that I too am working on a few of them.

  6. Beautiful work and projects !

  7. Your 'soup' is just delicious and I love all of your projects. You certainly have a gorgeous sense of colour and use of fabrics.

  8. your applique projects are so gorgeous.

  9. Didn't know you were doing Soupcon, too. Love your block. I'm a couple of steps behind. Your other projects are beautiful, too.

  10. Well I went from LuAnns's blog to Karen H's to you! I am so glad I did. I love your medallion . Well I LOVE ALL your projects . Great inspiration! I am a new follower via email!
    xo jan@ sewnandsowfarm

  11. Your project are great! Love the hexie flowers the best. I thought about the Just Takes 2 BOM but it didn't "hit" me. Know what I mean?
    How are you doing your POTCs? With templates or Inklingo?


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