Monday, 1 July 2013

Love Entwined Bom

We have all been busy little ladies this week. Ester Aliu introduced her new BOM - Love Entwined,  and
E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E with a heartbeat has been talking of nothing else !
I was going to just collect the patterns and wait until it had finished, but i have never took part in a BOM from the very start so i justified another project and began making templates for the compass block lol.

I went with template plastic as i figured i was far more likely to cut accurate templates once than multiple times using the freezer paper method. That's what works for me.
That took about an hour to mark and cut. Easy.

Then i moved on to colour selection and i highly recommend colouring in the compass to just see how the colours all look together. 

The two beige prints are for the background of the quilt.

I then printed out page 7, 4 times.
I cut out the compass segment and labeled it with the corresponding pieces from the pattern.
I did this 4 times with each segment so i had a complete compass when i was finished.

I pinned all my fabric onto the segments so as not to loose a piece or get mixed up as there are alot of different pieces.

 I hand pieced each segment, taking a piece from the paper segment and continuing to sew until i had a completed compass segment.

I recommend piecing each segment from one side to the other and then adding the F template last. Otherwise your going to have a Y like seam to deal with.

Nearly completed !
This has been fun so far and i don't like hand piecing, only because its so slow going and Im impatient!
Not looking forward to the compass surround and all those tiny circles.


  1. Looking great!!!

    I haven't strted yet (too many WIPs here! Lol), but I will be hand piecing too.

    Love your fabrics!

  2. It's beautiful! Love those colors you've chosen! I saw you commented on my blog so thought I would check out yours too! It's lovely! Looking forward to getting to know you through blogging!!

  3. Found your blog through Annelein designs. Like your blog and ofcourse your compass. Good start. Still not sure if I will start with the BOM. Pattern and fabrics are ready. It is such a big project. I read that you are also making the Sarah Morell quilt. I think it is a very beautiful quilt. I almost ordered it but here(in the Netherlands) the pattern alone costs 75 euro's! I think that is because it has to be shipped from Aus to Europe.
    Will be back;)

  4. hola me encanta las labores que haceis en la red ,como podria conseguir amor entrelazadas


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