Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Love Entwined Revisited

All i have been able to think about is the Love Entwined block. Mainly due to the fact that my first compass attempt was far from perfect. I scrapped it. I then decided it would be better to piece it on the machine. I tried this two times with two seperate blocks. I scrapped them. I then decided Applique would be the thing to do. I tried one applique block, was quite happy with it. Sat down ready to applique it down to the background fabric when my Lovely, Good Hearted Son said, Are you happy with it mum?
 Long story short i scrapped it.
I then decided after much head holding to retry it again in applique. It turns out that 5 times is the trick because this time it was perfect.

*** Except for the size :) 
it worked out a teensy bit smaller than the original but i made up for that  with the compass border, making it a tad wider ***

Taa Daa

Im happy with it and thats all that matters 

I decided to change some of the colours as i was forgetting that this is a marriage quilt.
 I wanted to make it a bit more romantic looking.

I love how the applique stands out, applique is so yummy looking, it gives another dimension to the quilt.

Besides the planning of what fabric was going to go where and under what, it was pretty easy to achieve. Having done both methods i prefer the look of the applique block, but i still love the precision of the hand pieced and machine pieced compasses as well.

Glue and layer

I turned all the edges of the compass pieces first and basted them down with 
Elmer's Disappearing purple glue.
I then stuck each piece down on top of the next until i had the entire compass Glued together and ready to stitch!

I appliqued the compass together before i went any further.
I then prepped the compass border in the same manner.

I only cut the inside ring so it would bend around the curve and sit nice and flat.
I was going to freehand the circles, but i talked the MOTH lol,  into punching the circles for me with his hole punch, so that was easy. 

And that was it. Thats how i accomplished the compass and I'm more than happy its over! 
It was worth redoing as it was something that would have nagged me to the end.

Hope you guys are all getting there in anticipation of the upcoming second installment.

Till next time, Keep on Stitching :)


  1. Beautiful stitching, I love your colour choices and the little circles are gorgeous great fussy cutting !!!!'

  2. Looks lovely, great colours. Thanks for showing how you appliqued the pieces together. I'm still choosing colors!

  3. Wow - that is LOVELY! I'm glad that you're happy with your final go at it - it really looks wonderful!

  4. This is just beautiful. I'm glad you show how you did this.

  5. Nice to see how you did make your compass. Looks great. Lia van den Brand from the Netherlands

  6. Gorgeous! The fussy cutting is beautiful.

  7. I love your compass, it's so beautiful! Not to mention the sweet tiny flowers. Only three days left now...;o)

  8. This is far out the most beautiful compass of all !! I realy love the colors you used and those little flowers in the circles makes it even beautifuler.
    How did you get the sharp points so nice of the pieces? I think you glue but how do you fold them down on the backside. Would love to see it !!

    1. Hi Carin,
      I will be posting a tutorial post very soon, to show exactly how i achieved the applique compass. Keep an eye out :)

  9. So the key word here is "persevere".... ;-)
    I just love your final compas, and those tiny little flowers around it, are just perfect and lovely!
    I'm getting sucked into applique, more and more. LOL

  10. And it turned out perfect!! Your dots were a master stroke. Beautiful.

  11. thank you for these photos, I was thinking about appliqueing this too, but just didn't quite know where to start. you did a great job of showing me the way! and I love your fabrics. that was another stumbling block too but I think I could follow this color way. will be checking back for sure!

  12. adore that fabric in the first compass and especially the compass "buttons", how wonderful of you to show us how too. I love it, and appreciate you

  13. Great sense of color and good contrast. I am awestruck by the fussy cut little outside circles and the ability to pull lit all together with the center circle. Just a beautiful block all the way!

  14. It's just beautiful. I love your color choices and your fussy cutting!!!

  15. What a splendid way to make your compass! I only just now read your blog! I didn't know you appliqued the whole thing but it really is wonderful! Auckje (The Netherlands)

  16. Your version of Love Entwined block is absolutely STUNNING!! And your persistence INSPIRING! I can't wait to see what you do next!

  17. Really Really beautiful!!! I like the picture of your other one earlier but this one is the perfect one!! I can't wait to see the rest of the quilt as we go along!!

  18. Fabulous! All your hard work has paid off beautifully, your compass is stunning and the details, such as your fussy cutting, are just lovely

  19. just beautiful. I must admit I wasn't sure how this could be appliqued, but your images show me just how easy (being a very relative term) it could be, as long as you have excellent applique skills. Fabulous, and your circle fabric is perfect! Love it.

  20. I'm new to your blog, but you do such beautiful work. Is there a site that has helped you the most with the actual planning and stitching? After seeing how everything goes with the glue, do you pick it up and applique the points in place or do you leave it in your lap on the pattern? I'm new to this and it shows.....mmmmph.


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