Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday workings - LE

I thought I had better get a wriggle on and start part 3 of the lovely L.E BOM.

                                                          Un-ironed, looks dreadful lol

This is such a pleasure to work on, I love the shapes and colours.

I have also been putting together a small wall quilt for my gorgeous daughter, Vanessa's bedroom.

I used the "Scrapped" blocks from my first attempt at the Morrell Quilt.
Don't ask me why I didn't like them, I like them just fine now ;)
Any who, I think they look lovely and quite Victorian in this little quilt.

I have been stealing stitches on Miss Matty's Parlour every chance I get. I'm onto stitching the second round, which is pink. It is coming along nicely and is really great fun to put together. I hope to be able to post more pics in the next few days.

That's it from me.

Keep on stitching,

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  1. Your LE is looking great. And I also love that peacock, so pretty.

  2. LE is looking beautiful. I love seeing all the different variations.

  3. Your LE is wonderful, love your choice of background fabric!

  4. your hearts on LE have turned out so wonderful!

  5. Your LE looks georgeous! I thought the hearts were so much fun to work on too. The small wall quilt is lovely.

  6. Oh lovely work you have done on your LE . great fabrics and wonderful colour combinations. Your needle work is wonderful. Cheers Glenda

  7. The LE is coming along beautifully - wish I was that far along. I love your Morris quilt rejects, too. Will be a lovely piece.


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