Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Civil War Bride Bewitchment

The Civil War Bride Quilt got the better of me ;0)
I have been wanting to start it for quite a while but kept telling myself I should finish at least one thing before I did, lol, that didn't happen.
I spent most of Saturday night going through the CWBQ blog and any other blog I could find to see what other ladies had done in regards to colour and improvements.

So all day Sunday, I spent the day happily cutting out, gluing and sewing.

And there you have it, a competed CWBQ Block!
Now onto block number 2. This quilt has me bewitched. I absolutely loved working on this block.

Miss Matty had her turn with the needle also and I managed to get the pink round sewn on and the next round which is brown ready to sew to the centre piece. In this round you square up the whole quilt so you can sew in long rows, making it easier and ultimately faster.

The Coaster swap is over and my lovely new friend/swapper is Julie from Alaska!
She received my coasters the other day so I can show you all now and not spoil the surprise.

The first pic is the fronts of the coasters and the second pic is of the backs.
This was great fun to do. A real pleasure to meet someone new and I can't wait to get mine in the mail too !!
This was my first swap, it was a great experience and i will definitely be signing up for more.

Well that's it from me, can't wait till the 15th of this month, again ;)

Hope you all find time to stitch.



  1. It's hard to resist when a project is calling. Beautiful work on your first block, and sweet little coasters. Looks like a fun and productive weekend.

  2. Kel - just love the CWBB block -- you did a fantastic job on it. And those coasters are CUTE ! Thanks for sharing these awesome projects.

    Karen on Keuka

  3. I love the background fabric on your CWBQ, with the faint stripe. Could you share the fabric maker? The hardest part of making a quilt for me is picking out the fabrics...your color choices are fabulous.

  4. Beautiful CWB block - looks soft and antique! And I think Miss Matty is going to be a stunner too - great to watch it growing.

  5. Love your block and the coasters :)

  6. Isn't it lovely to be bewitched?! Your CBW block is beautyful, I understand you gave in, it looks to me a fun quilt to make.
    I like the coasters, they are so cute. Can't wait to see the ones you'll receive.

  7. I love your first block! CWB is so bewitching. Once I got into it, I could not stop!

  8. I was bewitched into starting my CWB too. I just wish I found the embroidery part as bewitching as stitching the blocks - lol. your block 1 looks wonderful! I look forward to watching your progress.

  9. Your applique is breath taking. I love everything that I have looked at...I'm still "on the fence" about starting LE as I promised myself that I had to finish several other projects..Your projects are really outstanding and I look forward to watching the progress. I am following you with Bloglovin so I can keep in touch...


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