Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bom Crazy

Wow, has it been a busy month already and it's not even over Yet !
I've been a very busy girl with the MountMellick Di Ford Mystery BOM. Of course I decided to make two versions, one I'm paying for through Threadbear and the other I wanted to make in my own colours. I'm further along with my own version as I wanted to practice on it first when it came to the pieced border before I jump in with the BOM fabric.
I think it's coming along nicely and I'm ready to start the pieced border with the shop version.

I'm also doing Rotherfield greys, which I'm loving right now. It has everything so it keeps you on your toes!

I've managed to start a POTC for the month as well. I love doing these. When you can't think of anything else to sew, or you just can't be bothered to start any appliqué, these blocks can be done from start to finish from the comfort of your armchair!

I've been on Facebook     A L O T     ;0)  

You won't believe how many other quilters are on there!!! I've been having such a good time talking to other quilters and making new friends.  
You can find me on Facebook through the link at the top of the page.
It was through this wonderful medium that I came across some other ladies doing the wonderful BOM by Susan Smith called Stonfields quilt. I totally caved in and bought the BOM pack. You pay in advance and it includes the papers for the centre as well, not the borders. So that's good. It's such a lovely quilt, and all that appliqué and paper piecing! 

And lastly, a new pillow case gave way to a pretty significant clamshell bender !
I made the shells, 1.5 inch wide. I'm going to make a mini quilt for my sewing room wall.
It's totally delicious to look at and really lovely to hand sew. 
I whole heartedly recommend them!

Until next time.
Keep on stitching,
Kel x


  1. I joined FB only 2 months ago, and am already really trying to cut down the time I spent on it. But I am interested in the Stonefields group you mentioned. Can you tell me where to find it? I'm really impressed with the amount of beautiful work you did despite FB!

    1. Hi Francoise,
      Your a non reply blogger so I can't email u back a response.
      The stonefields group isn't a group that I know of, it's through Susan Smiths facebook page where the ladies are gathering and posting their pics. I hope someone makes a group. There's a group on Instagram, it's # stonefieldsquilt
      Thanks for your comments,

    2. Thank you! I'll look that up.

  2. Oh so much lovely appliqué to do. I have resisted Stonefields so far, but it looks like a gorgeous project. I love clamshells too, just another version of the EPP addiction.

  3. Oh Kel! Stonfields is so tempting! However, I am about to start trying to teach myself to applique. I have only appliqued 4 blocks before, SunBonnet Sue, Overall Bill, A Dresden Plate and A fan. I think I need alot more practice before I can start Stonfields. Love your Lucy block. Your Mount Mellick and Rotherford greys are looking beautiful. So are your clamshells. Boy, you sure have alot done! It was nice to see you on facebook too! Have fun stitching! xo jan

  4. Loads of wonderful projects! I love your colour choices for Montmellick; I am tempted by Stonefields too but have resisted temptation so far!

  5. This post is just jam packed with inspiration. I love your Di Ford quilts - simply stunning. The Stonefields quilt is a stunner and I am so tempted but had better finish one or two other projects first!

  6. Wow -- you really DO have a lot going on! I love your broderie perse (I think that's what it's called?), your tiny stars, and the Patchwork of the Cross. Your clam shells are delightful, too. How do you hand stitch them? Do you preturn the curved edge and then applique them to one another, or is there a paper piecing trick to this?

  7. Kel, how do you do your POTC? Did you purchase the papers? I've been mulling this over and over in my mind but can't decide.
    Your Di Ford mystery quilts are wonderful! I think I like your colors better-more contrast. :)

  8. Everything is so beautiful! Fell in love with Susan's Stoneleigh quilt. Thanks for sharing, Kel.

  9. Love your version of Mountmellic!! I am making 2 also.

    Love your clamshells!!!

  10. Such beautiful projects. I love to see your progress on facebook each time ;-)

  11. WOW! I just came across your blog while looking for Lucy Boston blocks. I too am working on this quilt. The blocks have gotten to be addictive! I am loving the fabric that you Much thanksused for the center of the block pictured (yellow, brown wavy pattern). I am wondering if you would be able to tell me what the name/ designer/ manufacturer of the print is. Great work!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      You are a non reply blogger so I can't email you back.
      The fabric is called 'Peddlars Pack' by Judy Roche so many opportunities for fussy cutting with this one. Thank you for your lovely comments :)


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