Monday 27 July 2015

I'm back!

Im back for a quick hello and catchup.

My daughter has been very sick, since January with an as yet undiagnosed illness that has all the hallmarks of Lyme. Still waiting on the very expensive test results. So that's why I have been quiet. I've literally had no time to scratch me bum!

But anyhow, Im able to snatch a few mins here and there now, as she seems to be doing a bit better, so here I Am, back for one hell of a Show and Tell :))

This is just about everything I have been up to since I last posted.

The Anni Downs Natures Journey SAL.

All that's left now are the borders for this baby! 

Gail Pans, Merry Xmas Garden BOM.
Round 3...... Lol
This is the 3rd time I've changed fabrics and started this again.
I'm liking it a lot better now. It's better not to ask.....hehehe

I have all the appliqué completed for block 2 now just to piece it altogether and onto block 3!

Karen Cunninghmas Sundial Sampler has been getting some attention also.

Only a few more blocks left for the centre Square. This is such a special quilt.

And a new addition thanks to Karen from
The Brinton Hall quilt by Leigh Latimore from Quiltmania107 and 108.
I Ran like a Fool into this one ;)

These are the last hexies left to go around the centre panel. Then I can appliqué the whole centrepiece to the background fabric and move on to the second and final instalment.
This quilt is just gorgeous and there was no way on earth I could say no ;)

And who can resist baskets?
I started making these and just intend to keep making them as the opportunity arises, and in a few years, hopefully.....I will have a quilt out of it.

And that's it folks, that's what I've been up to, and enjoying every minute of it.
Hope you all are stitching and keeping busy.
Till next time,
Kel. X


  1. Welcome back. I am tempted by the hexies. I even took a workshop and bought a bunch of papers when I was in Australia in April.

  2. Looking good and glad I found your Blog! I am also working on Brinton Hall - doing it in Asian and Batiks.
    check out my blog Like the little baskets - think that is from Sewnwildoaks?

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  4. Which pattern are you using for the baskets and what size are the blocks? Thx

  5. Wow! Such gorgeousness...loving all your projects...You've done so much of Brinton Hall already! I've been hanging out for my Quiltmania to arrive (my newsagents is an issue behind) for Leigh's quilt and it was instant swoon, it's on my "list"...hope the results come back with a conclusive answer and an effective treatment...

  6. Everything is so pretty! I'm so excited to see your Brinton Hall quilt. I'll be watching your progress. Hopefully Quiltmania 108 will be in my mailbox soon so that I can continue on with the quilt! The little basket blocks are adorable. I've made a couple of them and will cut fabric from scraps and prep the applique so I can work on them when I don't feel like doing anything else!

  7. Everything is so pretty! I'm so excited to see your Brinton Hall quilt. I'll be watching your progress. Hopefully Quiltmania 108 will be in my mailbox soon so that I can continue on with the quilt! The little basket blocks are adorable. I've made a couple of them and will cut fabric from scraps and prep the applique so I can work on them when I don't feel like doing anything else!

  8. WEll you are way ahead of me in the Brinton Hall court..... great sewing...... I enjoyed seeing the other projects you are working on as well;

  9. I hopped over from Karen's blog and really enjoyed your grand show'n'tell. Your work is very pretty. I hope you will soon have a diagnosis for your daughter, it's heart breaking to see our children sick and poorly.Best wishes Kath in England

  10. Just found your blog and cannot believe the beautiful work that you do. Will most definitely be watching for your latest postings each morning with my tea. What an inspiration, Brinton Hall, the little baskets... all of it. Thank you for sharing and so glad I found this. Judy

  11. wow so much gorgeous sewing happening in this time............your NJ is looking great........glad to hear your daughter is feeling better.........hope it's all worked out soon........

  12. Pretty applique blocks. The little acorn block caught my eye as I have had a fascination with acorns since I was a child.

  13. I love the way you use your fabrics and your colours

  14. yeah. You had a lot of things to do. Love every thing you did, cause they look really great. I just began trying myself in sewing. Will see what happens.

  15. I love your stitching. Each one is my favorite. Your choice of fabrics are spectacular!

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  17. Just found your blog today and love the appliquee. The little baskets on the end of this post are lovely. I like the shape but have already made a basket quilt. Now it is time for some other patterns.

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