Thursday, 9 May 2013

Phebe Quilt

Im Kel.
Stay at home mum of three and totally addicted to all things quilting and applique.
I am currently working on the Phebe quilt by Di Ford.
I am completely in love with this quilt. Its totally yummy and the colours that Di uses in her version are to die for. I have two Phebe's going at once, mainly due to purchasing Di's new book, Primarily Quilts. I had already bought the Phebe pattern from Threadbear and had happily begun stitching. Then i got Di's book and realised that I would have to make one in the same colour way as Di's original. Then I realised something else. Those fabrics are long gone and rarer than Hens Teeth !
So, i compromised. I still needed to make it in the same fabulous colour way as Di's so i will try and accomplish that with what I have.
So here are the pics of both versions. Hope you all like them.
Till next time.
Phebe Quilt #1

Original Quilt before Di's Wonderful, Wonderful Book Arrived
I decided to make it Quirky, Broderie Perse for the flowers, Stripey cane for the gentleman.

Haven't finished the Berries yet
Had a very hard time choosing from my limited stash for the clothing for the two of them.

Birdies still in need of their black beaks.

Phebe Quilt #2

Trying to replicate the original quilts "Flavour".
I couldn't find any red fabric for the vase that looked right and I have also added a purple colour with the centre flower.

This was the only Tree fabric I could find in our tiny one patchwork fabric shop town,
that even came close to the original

I like to do the Circles Free hand, as you can tell.

Weighing up the centre colour combination

Centre for the "blue flowers"


  1. You're doing a great job on the applique! Some really nice color and fabric combinations too. Why didn't I think of putting the man's can in his right hand?

  2. Thanks Mayleen,
    The cane ended up there as i didnt have enough room to put it on the other side lol.
    Looks good though :)

  3. Your Phebe quilts are just gorgeous. The broderie perse flowers are perfect there. Love all of your photos! Welcome to blog land!!!!

  4. Oh, how lovely!! You are using such beautiful fabrics!

  5. Love them both! Your fussy cuts are fabulous. Love the cane, the apples, and your lovely sheep! I have the pattern too, but have never started. Don't have the book yet--do you recommend, or is it too full of temptations?


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