Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Rain, Homespun and Quilts

It's been raining here all day, which as you know is perfect stitching weather :)
I've been working on my Phebe, the Morell and a new addition this week. All the lovely new books and patterns out there have been getting my creative juices flowin!

Leaves  For Phebe all orderly and numbered

With all the leaves finished

 With Birdies Added

Birdie and small flowers

I lamented over the fabric for this particular birdie. I wanted the wings to stand out and be "Feather-Like"
This was the closest material I had

I really, really like the colours for the Birds. Its yummy looking and softens the whole centre.
I'm very happy with the way its turning out.
It's good when you feel good about your work, if only for a little while !
I usually go back and forth between hating it and loving it :)

I began work on the second row of my Daughters "Blue"  Morell Quilt.

 I started with a simple Broderie Perse block that I could fit in during the week with all my other stitching.

My Morell thus far

Block 1 row 1

Block 2 row 1

Block 3 row 1

Block 4 row 1

Block 5 row 1

Block 6 row 1

Block 7 row 1

Block 8 row 1

For quite a while now I've been mulling over a quilt design. 
Not quite sure of it in its entirety but I knew it had to be Repro Fabrics and lots of applique leaves and flowers.

So, my week began with this little basket.

Then came the leaves

Then a little flourish on the basket

The rest of the photos show it all prepared and ready to applique down

I loved designing the flowers, that was fun !


And lastly but by no means least the Eastleigh Quilt by Margaret Mew.
I bought this months Homespun especially for the pattern.
 I love the Yummy factor this quilt has and its Simple Beauty.

So many possibilities for colour.
And don't you think the centre panel would make a darling Mini Quilt for the wall? 
Or perhaps a cushion?
I love it.
It has been added to my list of future conquests!

Till next time,
Keep on Stitching :)


  1. Your stitching on all the quilt projects is looking great! I think the fabric you chose for the bird's feathers was a good choice too.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment, Kel.

    Your blue Morrell is wonderful!!! I really love the bird in the 5th block and your boderie perse is block beautiful. It is going to be a stunning quilt!!!

    Love that birdie wing for Phebe too!!

  3. Your Phebe and the other projects are looking good. If you look at my blog post of today, the top left fabric is for you. I found the dress fabric at a little shop here. I'll be heading back home tomorrow so hope to get an envelope off to you early next week.


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