Friday, 10 May 2013

Winter is nearly with us

Winter is almost upon us. We had our first real frost of the season this morning and we were  fighting to stay warm all day.

This is what my neck of the woods looks like in Autumn.

"Lila" our blue cattle dog
Playing around in the fallen leaves

Enough with the looming winter and onto more important matters...........

Di's book
I got this stack out today and began wondering what if any quilts could be suitable to use it in.

I was thinking maybe the Austeen to showcase the lovely florals?

And this is why i bought the book in the first place. The gorgeous wedding quilt.
Just look at those colours.

With mothers day coming up my task for tonight is finishing off my mums crochet round pillow.
Will post picks when finished.
I posted some pics of my basket blocks. Just click on the basket pic in the top right hand corner to take a peek.
I hope everyone gets around to stitching today :)
Till next time.


  1. It's strange to think that you are getting winter, when we are waiting for summer....
    I love that Wedding quilt too, with all those georgeous fabrics!

  2. I know,
    I really cant wait to make it. I need to collect alot more fabrics though.
    I love the lead up to summer, the way the air smells the warmth in the air.
    I was only thinking of it today and how I cant wait till Sept :)


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