Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts !

I've been really busy these last few weeks. I did however manage to find time to stitch!
I finished the leaves on my new quilt and managed to sew 2 Blocks from my daughters Morrell Quilt.

New Quilt, Doesn't have a name yet. I spose i should give it one :)

Two more Morrell blocks

I had a few hours to spare today, Thanks to my eldest daughter finishing up one Uni course for the Year and is now on a two week holiday. Yippee!

So, i got out some of my Magazines/Patterns and began going through them for quilts that i eventually want to get too and just to cull some of the ones which don't interest me anymore.
The ones i want to do i have written down on a card so i can find them easily next time.

Love this one
Its a repro by Maureen Teager

Di Ford

Would look Awesome in a darker colourway

Of course the Jane !
Just have to Source a Suitable Centre

Who doesnt love Hexagons?

A great scrappy quilt

Not keen on all the colours used but i Love the pattern

Will look amazing in Repro fabrics

This one is so old worldy

 And if you have made it this far Conrgats ! You are in for some pretty important info :)
I found this little tid bit going through the old mags. Its the original Di Ford Wedding Sampler in what i assume are the original colours. Isn't it Just Precious and Pink!

 And to top it all off, i made my daughter and I a little afternoon surprise, downed with a fresh cup of plunged German coffee. Pure Indulgence!

No Sugar, No Flour -  Jam and Cream Sandwich Cake. YUM :)

I hope your day goes to plan and you find time fer Stitchin !
Till Next time.

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Its going to be spectacular!