Friday, 15 August 2014

Stonefields and more

I have been having entirely too much fun with Susan Smiths Stonefields BOM. I've completed 90 or so blocks now and the end is in view! Just got to make a disgraceful amount of hexagon rosettes and a awfully big lot of flying geese to finish her off. But I think I'll be machine piecing the geese so it won't take too long. 



















I have all the pictures of Stonefields on Instagram, if you search #stonefieldsquilt you will be greeted with a wonderful plethora of beautiful stonefields blocks, for inspiration or just pure enjoyment!

I've finished block one of Gail Pans A Merry Christmas Garden BOM and completed all the appliqué for block two.

I had to redo the centre and scrap the first one as I cut the centre panel 1" too short all the way around! Ah well, it gave me an opportunity to use some colours I thought were missing in the first one. Vicki Tucek of made hers with a splash of blue and I totally copied her! I love the bits of blue and my fave Pink in the quilt now.

I couldn't resist Karen Cunninghams new BOM the Friendship Quilt. I'm finishing off block 2 and then I plan to move onto the next lot of blocks which arrived on Thursday. This is going to be a special quilt too.

And that's about all I've been up to at the moment.
I hope everyone is enjoying their projects and finding time to stitch.

Till next time.
Keep on stitching,
Kel x